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About the Artist

Hi my name is Osvaldo Macedo Neto, I was born in Brazil in 1974 and since the age of 4 I’ve been drawing everything I could imagine

I remember spending the whole rest of the day after school drawing and painting the most diverse subjects.

With a passion for the ocean and surfing, I did several artworks about waves and surfboards. As I grew older, with life facing its challenges I decided to go for a more academic path and graduated in Business Management, which helped me to start a family business in construction.

In spite of being very successful for 19 years in that field, I never let the artistic spark in me to fade away, and always loved to spend my free time drawing and improving my skills. With the dream of becoming an artist constantly in my mind I started studying oil painting techniques in 2014, and since then I’ve been studying and practicing non stop to become the best I can be.

Now living in Florida with my wife and two kids, I finally decided to take the leap of faith of becoming a full time artist, and couldn’t be happier with what life has presented me so far. The joy in seeing a client’s face when they see their commission work for the first time is just pure fire that fuels my passion for what I do.

I’ve read once a quote saying: “If you can see the beauty in everything, you are a true artist”.
With that in mind, I truly believe my purpose in life is to depict all the beauty in this world, and I
thank God and my supportive family for being able to live the dream.